Adding Connectors to the OuiShare Website

On the OuiShare website, there are 4 types of users:

  1. Users: can only access and edit their own profile.

  2. Editors: can access their profile + edit events, projects and local communities

  3. Connectors: have the same rights as editors but are also automatically displayed on the page Team (

  4. Advisors: can access their profile + are automatically displayed on the page Advisors (

Part of onboarding new Connectors is adding them to the OuiShare website team page. To do this, you need to change their status in the backend.

A prerequisite of doing this is that the person has already signed up independently and created a complete profile on the ouishare website. The following steps for changing the persons

  1. Go to the "Users" section in the admin panel (you need admin rights to see it, if you don't have admin rights, ask for access, or ask her to do it).

  2. Search for the profile in the database and click "edit".

3. Change the status from user or editor to "Connector" or "Alumni Connector" (which ever applies).