OuiShare Connectors are the highly active members that put our mission into action day by day. They are community and/or project leaders who connect ideas, people and organizations around the collaborative economy. They participate in the co-creation of the OuiShare strategy and take part in decision-making processes.

Connectors mostly focus on one or several of the following:

  • Local Communities: by building and animating a local community (in a city, region or country) and coordinating its activities.

  • Knowledge Curation and Creation: by animating online discussions in knowledge groups (on topics such as shared mobility, makers, crowdfunding, etc.), working on research projects, writing articles for the OuiShare Magazine, etc.

  • Project Management and Operations: by contributing to OuiShare projects such as OuiShare Fest, the OuiShare Job Board, editorial work on the OuiShare Magazine, or to day-to-day operational activities such as communication, finance, administration, etc. (most of these being carried out by core connectors)

  • Endorsing: by helping with the guiding and onboarding of new Connectors

These activities can overlap, be extended, modified and reinvented. The exact scope is flexible and can vary by location, personal situation and background of Connectors.

Connectors take a set of actions as detailed below:




  • attend local or international OuiShare Summits once a year to share knowledge and co-create OuiShare's future

  • use the OuiShare brand and get community support for their activities, under the following conditions (LINK) and based on their best judgement for acting in the interest of the organization

  • access the day-to-day OuiShare communication tools, to get regular updates or participate in online discussions and tactical decision-making


  • commit a certain amount of time to stay up to date and contribute regularly to OuiShare activities and discussions depending on their focus

  • animate the community on and offline according to their focus (local or topical)

  • actively participate in OuiShare's governance and decision-making

  • make an effort to keep a positive attitude and be helpful to other team members

  • attend OuiShare Summits every 6 months (attendance mandatory for 1 per year)

  • take responsibility for finding funding for their activities

  • give credit to OuiShare for supporting their activities when relevant


  • support and guide new or future Connectors, acting as endorsing Connectors


List of Connectors

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