Welcome to the OuiShare Handbook!

This handbook gives insight into the structures and practices of OuiShare's distributed network. It aims to make it easier for people to understand how we work, join and navigate the community.
To find more introductory information about OuiShare, check our website For in-depth reading in English, French, Spanish and German, go to the OuiShare Magazine or any of our other media. If you are curious about more aspects of how OuiShare functions, go to

About this Handbook

This Handbook's primary audience is members of the OuiShare network, as well as others who might find it useful and would like to understand better how OuiShare works.
As is OuiShare, this book is in permanent beta. That means that it won't ever be complete, but is a living document that will change and grow over time. It was started by Francesca Pick and Esra Tat. Much of it hasn't been written yet and depends on active members to contribute. If you see something that is missing or could be improved: just do it! Find out more about editing the handbook.


This book contains OuiShare's most "static" knowledge and could be described as part of our "constitution". For more dynamic resources from the OuiShare community, check out the OuiShare Knowledge map.
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