To update the world about our international activities we are using a number of channels intended for global communication.

The aim of our global communication is to:

  • showcase the diversity within the network,

  • give visibility to our different projects and activities,

  • affirm our thought-leadership,

  • advertise big Ouishare events,

  • connect and interact with the wider ecosystem,

  • and show the productive unity within the plurality.

As part of the commons our global channels are our joint responsibility and here to benefit the community as a whole.

The organizational role of global communications supports the community in making use of and updating the channels as well as in content production and gives guidance on communication for Ouishare projects.

In addition to the global channels, the local communities use local channels depending on their needs, target audiences or project requirements.

Our Global Communication Channels include:

Here you can find an overview our collaboration tools that serve for internal communication and community management.

CI and Brand Guidelines

Our brand guidelines serve to regulate how we use our logo, font, colors and other parts of our corporate identity. In this section you can find our CI elements, guidelines on how to use them as well as templates for things like presentations.

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