Formatting an article for publication
Once you are logged in, go to Magazine Articles. Then press + New Magazine Article

Choose a featured picture

For more information on how to pick a picture, see below.


This is the introduction, it shouldn’t be more than 5 lines.

Content & Formatting

Add your content in the form.
Happy formatting:
  • H1 : big titles (we almost don’t use it)
  • H2 : titles
  • H3 : questions in interviews & subtitles in articles
  • H4 : context elements (such as This article was translated by XX)
  • H5 : highlights ( 1 or 2 per article ) - the things that you should absolutely remember
  • H6 : button (it was created for case studies, but might be useful for the magazine if we want to introduce a downloadable report for example)
  • Cc : quotes in blue


  • No text on the picture
  • No filter
  • Colored pictures work better than black & white
  • Abstract pictures are used for case studies. For the magazine, we recommend pictures with people's faces or at least figurative pictures.
  • Size guidelines : 16:9 or 2:1 ratio - w1280 - under 400ko
DOs - YEAH !
Use full screen pictures - minimum 700 px large
→ Use Google Images and the “find other sizes” function
  • Pictures should always centered
  • The caption should aligned on the left

Final Check

Click on publishing - your article will be saved "staged" for publishing. At this point, either notify someone from the Global Coms team for a final review, or, if you have frequent publisher status, click on "publish changes".
If you want to see how your draft looks at any point, click here: