Calender, Telegram & more

All OuiShare activities such as events or meetings can be listed in a set of several Google event calendars. With a Google account you will be able to import these calendars into your personal one. The following calendars are currently in use (please add any missing info):

  • global

    • OS Events (ID: [])

    • OS Hangouts (ID: [])

    • non-OS CollEco/P2P/Open events (ID: [])

  • local

    • OS Paris Meetings (ID: [])

If you would like editing access to any of these calenders, ask any OuiShare Connector to add you manually.


OuiShare uses Telegram for informal conversations such as:

  • sharing photos of meetings, celebrating together

  • sharing interesting content such as articles, videos etc.

  • on the ground coordination between people in the same location, for instance coordinating dinner plans when people are at a retreat together.

There are a variety of local and topical telegram groups. To find out which ones are currently active, ask a local member or Connector!


All Connectors are added to the Facebook-Group "OuiShare Connectors" when they join, a group that was formely used for decision making, but after introducing Loomio, it is now mainly used for connecting, emotions and sharing fun stuff (but becoming increasingly less active).

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