Is there a tutorial to use the site?

YES! Check the other sections nested under "Website".

Who has the log-ins for the Website?

You can find the log-ins in the communication file in our team's g-drive.

Can I create an event on the site by myself?

Yes! There are no permissions to ask. Use this tutorial!

I have already created a Facebook event, and weezevent, why should I also create one on Ouishare's website?

To contribute to the dynamism of the community, our commons:

  • Show the diversity of our activities in one place

  • Bring traffic to the site by sharing the link of the event. And benefit from the serendipity. A person who arrives on the site through an event can then go discover the magazine, the case studies etc.

To benefit from Ouishare's communication:

  • Have your event integrated in the NL

  • Benefit from natural traffic on the site (about 1500 unique visitors per week)

  • Sharing of the event on Ouishare’s social networks

In which language should I create my event?

In the language in which you want to communicate for the targeted audience. Catalan, German, English ....

I am launching a new project, can I host it on the site?

This feature is not available. But there are several places on the current site where you can have your project referenced:

  • On the meet us page, under the city to which the project is most attached.

  • Through a case study, once the project is finished.

  • Through an article in the category “Inside Ouishare”, you can introduce the project and link to any contents you have (project website, a video, a social media page).

I read an article before 2019, and I notice that the illustrations have disappeared, is this normal?

Yes, we have transferred all the articles but this manipulation does not allow to keep the formatting. We have selected fifty articles (the most read and the most recent) for which we have redone all the formatting.

Via the site editor, you can help restore missing links and submit artwork. Your contribution is more than welcome.

When can an event appear on the domain ouishare.net/fest?

This sub-domain is meant to be the portfolio of all major projects of Ouishare.

Below you can find the criteria to check whether your event can be featured there.

Relationship to Ouishare

The event must be led or co-led by an Ouishare connector. It must also be co-opted by 3 other connectors. This means that these three people commit to follow the smooth running of the project, to provide advice and assistance according to the needs of the project leader.

Scope of the project

The event must have a dedicated web page. The event must last at least one day. It must have its own editorial line.

For all other events, the "events" section of ouishare.net is more appropriate.

Why are events and magazine articles not translated?

We don’t have the workforce to translate them manually and the quality of the automatic translation doesn’t seem good enough. On top, I like that various languages are featured on the website. It’s the Ouishare mix, kind of.

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