The OuiShare Values

A lot of things happen in OuiShare not because we have strong processes or good managers but because we share a same culture and values that help to make things happen.

An initial set of OuiShare values was defined in 2012 at the second OuiShare Summit. Then, since we are in permanent beta, In 2017 we went through a process to make a new version of this list of values.

Here is the new set of values that describe our mindset. FYI the wording may evolve in the coming months when the communication people will work on sharing this new ste outside our community.

Permanent Beta

  • Always a work in progress.

  • Learn by doing, improve by reflecting, giving feedback and iterating.

  • Keep playing


  • Don't wait to Do good.

  • Celebrate autonomy and initiative-taking within an interdependant network.

  • Actions speak louder than words.


  • Open-minded: Open to new ideas.

  • Inclusiveness: Open to diverse people with diverse perspectives.

  • Transparency: Open access to inner workings and open decision making

  • OpenSource: We share.


  • Together we go further.

  • Magic happens when we meet in real life.


  • Care of your own journey,

  • Care for each other,

  • Care for the commons and for the planet.

  • Three legs of a single stool.

How were these values created?

To learn more about how these values were created, check out our

>> See original version of OuiShare Values at the end of this article (from 2012)

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