OuiShare Legal Entities


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OuiShare France

Association Loi 1901, Intérêt Général (Non-Profit Association)

founded in May 2012 in Paris by Antonin Léonard, Benjamin Tincq, Flore Berlingen, Edwin Mootoosamy

OuiShare España


founded in 2014 Barcelona

OuiShare Québec


founded in Montreal

OuiShare Deutschland

Gemeinnütziger Verein (Non-Profit association)

founded in 2016 in Munich by David Weingartner, Francesca Pick, Sarah Eisenmann, Ulrich Bareth, Conor Trawinski, Thomas Dönnenbrink, Andreas Arnold, Joachim Lohcamp, Antares Reisky

OuiShare UK

Limited by Guarantee (Non-Profit)

founded in 2016 in London, by Elena Giorli

OuiShare Foundation

Fonds de Dotation

founded in 2016 in Paris

OuiShare Experience

SAS (Company)

founded in 2016 in Paris, 100% owned by the OuiShare France Non-Profit

OuiShare Brasil


founded in 2017 in Rio

Status 2017

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