Google Drive

Google Drive allows live collaboration on documents, presentations and spreadsheets. This is where you can find all of OuiShare's most important documents, whether they are work-in-progress or finalized.

Our Drive Structure

We have 2 main google drive folders:

  • OuiShare Global: this is where 95% of our documents are stored. All active members can be given editing access to it.

  • OuiShare Connectors-only: this is where the remaining 5 % of sensitive documents are, such as financial information, admin, and partnerships. Only OuiShare Connectors have access to this.

Naming documents: Observe and imitate!

If you go to the google drive, you will see that there are already many files with a defined naming structure. Please try to avoid re-inventing new ways of naming files, but copy the existing naming structure as much as possible.

Getting Access

The OuiShare Global folder is view-only for people who have not been deliberately added. To get editing access to it, ask a OuiShare Connector you are in touch with to add you.

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