OuiShare's annual financial reporting by year can be found in the OuiShare Finance Report. This is where each local entity report on the annual financial budgets and what money were spent on.

This is also where you can also find information on OuiShare's funding sources.

Budget Management

In accordance with our governance principle of Autonomy of Communities and Projects, OuiShare does not have one unified financial management and budget planning. Each local OuiShare entity manages its finances independently and contributes to one collective funding pot to finance operations and infrastructure that all communities share, regardless of location. This money that we put in a collective funding pot is part of the "global commons".


In Ouishare, part of our funds are spent through a collaborative funding process.

Read more about how we do this here.

"The commons"

In OuiShare we often refer to "the commons", both locally and globally. What we mean by that is all the knowledge assets, operations, infrastructure and things such as our brand, which all our communities share both the benefit and the responsibility to maintain. This includes a large amount of work that is unfunded and remains volunteer work, as well as a small proportion that is funded.

Read here to see the detailed list of which parts of the global commons were funded in the past.

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