Due to its emergent nature, all roles in Ouishare are dynamic. Ouishare members are likely to move in and out of different roles over time. Roles are not permanent titles that you have a right to once gained.

The following descriptions give an overall frame and express intentions for what we these roles mean in Ouishare. This frame is universal to all Ouishare communities, but may have different interpretations in each local community. Therefore the roles are written in a way that leaves space for each community and Connector to choose how they would like to fulfill certain intentions.

This role agreement was last updated in July 2019 on Loomio.

Overview of our role and membership types

Individuals can have the following levels of involvement within OuiShare:

Supporting Members are people from our broader network who follow our work regularly, support us spread the word and attend our events.

Active Members are people who contribute to and build the Ouishare community locally or globally.

Connectors are active members that are committed to stewarding and governing Ouishare and its values. They are connecting nodes of our network.

Alumni are former Connectors who are no longer active.

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