We aim to be a liquid organization that enables new and existing contributors to easily move in and out of it as well as dynamically rotate between different roles and levels of involvement. This is to be achieved while at the same time ensuring the consistency and stability of the organization.

Role and Membership types

Individuals can have 3 levels of involvement within OuiShare:

Supporting Members If you are not a Connector or a Member and are still reading this paragraph, then you are surely a Friend. You support us, talk about us, spread the news and are interested in our activities. The first step towards becoming more involved in OuiShare is becoming a supporting member, after which involvement changes in a dynamic way.

Active Members are individuals who identify themselves with the OuiShare mission, values and culture, and actively contribute to community activities, such as events, projects or online discussions.

Connectors are the highly active members that put our mission into action day by day. They are community and project leaders who participate in the creation of the OuiShare strategy and take part in decision-making processes.

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