Contributing to this handbook

This handbook is part of the OuiShare Commons! It can only be useful if it is a living document, which is taken care of by the community and fed with regular updates. We've chosen Gitbook as the platform for this handbook because it makes it easy to discuss changes and maintain a dynamic document that looks pretty :).

As a OuiShare contributor, this is your handbook, so we encourage you to contribute!

We look forward to your suggestions & contributions.

1. Small changes / comments

If you have comments and suggestions for small improvements on a specific section of this toolkit, please use the comment function visible with the + that appears on the right hand side when you hover over the text. A Toolkit Maintainer will respond to your proposals as soon as possible.

2. Large changes

If you have larger changes and additions and would like editing access to this toolkit, send an email to a Toolkit Maintainer, who will add you as a contributor to the OuiShare Handbook Gitbook.

If you are ready to edit, please:

  • Respect the existing structure of the Toolkit when making changes

  • coordinate with the Toolkit Maintainers before making large changes to existing parts, such as restructuring or deleting sections

  • let a Toolkit Maintainer know after you have created a new section

You have default editing access to this handbook if you are a member of the OuiShare Organization on Github.

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