Supporting Members

OuiShare supporting members are people who identify themselves with the OuiShare mission, values and culture and are willing to join the community, without having the time or the possibility to contribute actively.

[no longer in use: OuiShare membership is open to everyone. Supporting members sign up by filling out a registration form on the OuiShare website and providing basic information about themselves. By doing so, they express their commitment to the OuiShare mission and values. Membership is free, but new members are encouraged to make a voluntary one-time or recurring donation to support the organization.Upon registration, members join existing local or topical groups, or can create a new one if it does not exist yet.]

This is the entry level of involvement within the OuiShare community. Here is what supporting members do at different milestones:




Sign-up on


Unsubscribe from newsletter


Send good vibes


Have a complete profile on


Financially support OuiShare with 1 € per month.

Note: To contribute to OuiShare, you do not have to be a registered member. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the network spontaneously, attend events and join our online discussion groups, but can officialize their involvement and get access to additional information by signing up.

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