Ouishare Events

All events organized by an active members of Ouishare can be included in the event section.

On one hand this allows us to showcase the dynamism of the community, the diversity of topics we tackle and our presence in different parts of the world.

On the other hand, it gives visibility to the event by appearing on the homepage and thus benefiting from regular traffic on the site. On average, there are 1500 visitors per week.

In addition, if your event appears on this page, the Global Coms team can easily identify it and integrate it into the newsletter and share it on Ouishare’s social networks.

Add an event

How to add an event on the Ouishare website:

  • Once you are logged (info in our gdrive) in, go to collections

  • Collections - Events - +New Events

  • Make sure you fill in all required files.

  • Watch out. The date is in the english format. Let’s say you organize an event on the 4th of December.Then you should enter following information : 12/04/2018

  • Then press Publish


Select an image from the Ouishare Flickr library or photo stocks such as unsplash.com We’d recommend pictures without text. So you don’t need to make any fancy creation on photoshop/

Trouble Shooting

You event doesn’t appear on the homepage ? Only the next three coming events are displayed here. Your turn will come soon.

To make modifications, also go to → Collections → select you event so that you can change the picture, etc if needed.

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