Cobudget - Collaborative Funding

How Ouishare is using Cobudget.

Cobudget is a tool that our community uses for collaborative and transparent resource allocation.

Any active OuiShare member can get access, propose and comment on project ideas, and fund activities they would like to support.

How does Cobudget it work?

Cobudget is a simple tool based on the concepts of "buckets", which represent budget lines or mini-projects. The tools makes it easy for groups to crowdsource ideas for buckets and then fund them together.

What are we funding in the Ouishare Cobudget?

We are using Cobudget to fund any projects that contribute to Ouishare’s misison as a non-profit and growing our commons, such as:

  • Community activities, shared resources and infrastructure

  • Content production and events that are publicly available

  • Early stage projects & prototypes to develop our work and the organization

Read more about what types of buckets you can propose, here.

Getting access to Cobudget

Any one who would like can join our Cobudget group. Get access to the OuiShare Cobudget by asking a Connector or member you are in touch with.

If you are already a Connector, you should already have been added to our cobudget group.

How can I add funds to my Cobudget account?

Funds enter Cobudget through donation of personal funds. In many cases, people choose to give back a % of income made through a Ouishare project.

You can add funds to your account by making a donation to Ouishare Foundation via the dedicated HelloAsso page. Helloasso will automatically send you a tax-deductible donation receipt at the end of the year. Tax receipts may be used in countries within the EU according to local regulations (you will need to double check with your country - and there might be some administrative steps Ouishare can take to get on the registered non-profit list in your country).

>> Add funds now

What happens if a bucket I funded is cancelled?

Then the funds you contributed will automatically go back to your account. You can then allocate them to another bucket of your choice, any time you like.

My bucket has been funded, how do I get paid out?

Once your bucket has been funded, the Ouishare administrator will get in touch with you to get your bank details. You will then receive the funds as a donation (a Grant) from Ouishare Association in France.

Overview of admin processes

To see an overview of all administrative procedures, check out this map.