Governance & Decision Making

Our governance structure has been designed to reflect our vision of an emergent organisation that is in permanent beta and adapts to rapidly changing environments. Influenced by concepts of self-organization, stigmergy and distributed leadership, we aim to keep contributions models and our governance structure as organic and agile as possible.

OuiShare is a do-ocracy, which means that decision making is based on actions. The governance structure that exists today has been developed by a distributed team that is growing the community locally and globally.

The following pages are a guide for active members, Connectors and those who are curious to how we make strategic and day-to-day decisions in OuiShare.

Further resources

  • We write about experiences with OuiShare's governance on our Medium publication

  • For more background on how governance has involved in OuiShare and knowledge assets for the area of governance, check out this map

Please visit our Governance Map on MindMeister for more knowledge in this area.

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