Active Members & Connectors

Active members

Active members are people who contribute to and build the Ouishare community locally or globally. Their level of involvement varies from highly active on a day-to-day basis, to contributing intermittently. It may also change over time.

Some of the activities that active members may engage in:

  • Participate in online discussions and events

  • Initiate, participate and develop local community activities

  • Initiate and work on projects such as events, research, day-to-day operational activities such as communications.

  • Share and curate knowledge with others in the community

  • Contribute to the Ouishare commons

  • Support other Ouishare members

  • Represent the Ouishare brand with the endorsement of a Connector

  • Shape and evolve Ouishare governance Structures

Active members may do any or all of these things, or others that are not on this list.

They can step up and become Connectors by following this process.


Connectors are active members that are committed to stewarding* and governing Ouishare and its values. They are connecting nodes of our network.


  • Significantly shape the future of Ouishare as an organization

  • Officially represent and speak on behalf of Ouishare

    • Have their profile on the Ouishare website

    • Ouishare business cards

  • Vote in and block governance decisions in their local community and in global governance

  • Access occasional Ouishare events reserved for Connectors


In addition to the activities of active members, Connectors:


  • Participate in governance and decision making, locally and/or globally. “Participate” does not mean developing the governance structure, but refers to participating in voting regularly.

  • Steward the Ouishare commons (which means: ensure the Commons is sustainable)

  • Do what is needed to ensure that our community remains healthy and is a safe space.

  • Communicate what you have been working on, in a way that suits you and your conditions, but so that other Connectors can find out about it

  • Nurture curiosity about what is happening in the community and big changes that occur


  • Lead and facilitate major Ouishare projects, topics and/or local Communities

  • Onboard, guide & endorse new Connectors and members into the community and our communication tools

  • Represent Ouishare and its brand

  • Attend local and international Ouishare summits, and not miss more than 2 in a row (can be local, global summits, or both)

  • Build bridges and create connectivity between different groups and communities in Ouishare, in their personal style


  • Support the community to address conflict and address tensions

  • Coach members on practices for using our collaboration tools and for sharing knowledge

  • Shape and evolve Ouishare governance Structures

Ouishare connectors that opt out of their role can either become active members or alumni.

In which way exactly the required and expected will be “enforced” in an adequate way is still being defined in a separate work stream.

Who are the Connectors?

For an up to date list of our current Connectors, check out the full list on our website.

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