Active Members

OuiShare active members contribute to community activities, such as events, projects or online discussions. Active members interact regularly with each other through the local or topical groups they are part of, which are facilitated by OuiShare Connectors.

Active members wishing to contribute actively to OuiShare should ideally connect with a fellow Connector from their local team (or the regional coordinator of their area if there is no team in their city/country yet) to figure out how they can help. They can then start contributing on a regular basis, and eventually become a Future Connector if they wish to sustain their involvement in the medium-to-long term.

Becoming an active member implies to take a set of actions as detailed below:


  • become first a supporting member

  • get active :)


  • anytime you get less involved


  • join local or topical groups of your choice

  • attend community events and OuiShare Summits

  • receive regular updates on community activities

  • have a profile page on the OuiShare website


  • thoroughly understand and commit to the OuiShare mission and values, and be familiar with our governance and the management principles of your local community

  • contribute to community activities (e.g. attending events, participating in online discussions, connecting with other members, joining a project team, etc.) ; the scope and intensity of involvement can vary depending on your interest and personal situation

  • spread the OuiShare spirit whenever you can!


  • organize events, join or start projects

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