Slack - team communication

Slack - Team Communication

Slack is used for private and group discussions as well as cross-community coordination in OuiShare, on a very operational basis. Discussions that need more time and are strategic do not take place on slack, but on Loomio.

How does Slack work?

Slack consists of:

Channels: the equivalent of an email thread or a discussion about a defined topic.

  • each local community and project has its own slack channel. They often have multiple that are defined by a prefix, such as bcn for the Barcelona community, mtl _for the montreal community, osf _for OuiShare Fest.

  • the number of channels is not limited. Anyone can create as many as they want!

  • Some useful channels to know about:

    • #how-to: for any type of question

    • #tech: to report problems with our website and tech-related issues

Direct messages: enables you to communicate privately with all Amanitas team members

S_lack replaces internal emails within the OuiShare community. _Do not hesitate to contact anyone who is on the OuiShare slack team by direct message, even if you don't know them yet!

Many OuiShare projects are run with the combination of a Slack channel and a trello board.


To learn how to get started with Slack, check out

Getting Access

Slack is only accessible to Connectors and active OuiShare members who are working on projects. To get access, ask a local Connector or project leader.

Types of membership roles in slack

  • Full members: have access to all channels and can add new members. All Connectors are full members, and any active member who would like can also be a full member.

  • Restricted members: only have access to channels that they were added to by a full member. Members who are less active and do not want to be overflowed with too much information may choose to be restricted members.

  • Guests: new local members who are only on one channel related to their local community.

If you have a ouishare email address, you can automatically join our slack team by signing up with your ouishare address and going to

Slack Admins

Most community connectors and project leaders are slack admins. If a change needs to be made that you don't know how to make, contact one of our slack admins here.

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